Lancer’s attachment point is excess of $1M. Up to $5M in capacity is available.
Prefer to attach within the first $10M of Cover.


  • Anticipate California and Florida being states with good opportunities.
  • Not available in Louisiana.
  • Passenger transportation in Nevada is also ineligible.

Unacceptable carriers:

  • B+ is the lowest AM Best rating they will consider.
  • Risk Retention Groups are not eligible.

Underlying Structure:

  • Nothing greater than $250K deductible or SIR

Targeted Commodities/Classes:

Trucking (For-Hire and Private):

  • Local, Intermediate and Long-Haul
  • Dry Goods, Refrigerated, and Flatbed
  • Dump – Aggregate
  • Bulk and Tanker
  • Waste Haulers

Public Automobile:

  • Charter Bus
  • Limousines
  • Taxis (Will consider)
  • Shuttle and Vanpool
  • Services
  • Inter City and Transit
  • Paratransit (Will consider)
  • School Bus (Contractors)

General Commercial Automobile:

  • Artisan Contractors /
  • Construction
  • Couriers
  • Local Delivery Services
  • Tow Trucks
  • Distributors
  • Food Delivery
  • Automotive Repair and Body Shops

Fleet size:

  • Flexibility to cover single unit owner operators and large fleets.
  • Target 1 – 250 units.


  • Expertise is in the long haul, but everything is open for consideration.

Commodities/Exposures Lancer is not looking to write at this time:

Air Freight

Logging Operations

Asbestos Removal Contractors

Messenger Services

Auto Dismantlers

Mexico Exposures

Building Dismantlers

Mobile Medical Units


Motorcycles, Motorized Scooters, Motorized Bikes, Power Cycles or any similar Motorized Vehicles

Church Buses

Newspaper Delivery


Oil Dealers

Crane and Rigging Services

Oil Distributors

Drive-Away, U-Driver & Haul-Away Vehicles

Oil Refineries

Emergency – Ambulances

Open Top vehicles

Entertainer Coaches

Police or Fire Vehicles

Gasoline Products Haulers Including Propane and Butane

Racing Automobiles

Gunpowder, Cartridge for Weapons

Radioactive Material; Fuel, Waste (Not Applicable to Pipe Slag and Oil Field Cuttings [Bulk] Radon- NORM) and Pipe-welding Inspection Units

Home Food Delivery

Recreational Vehicles (Individually Owned)

Home Fuel Oil Delivery

Rolling Stores

Hot Shot Operations

Transportation for Railroad Workers

House or Building Movers

Tree Trimmers

Commodities/Exposures Lancer is not looking to write at this time:

Frac Sand Haulers

Sand and Gravel - no more than $2M capacity provided

Roll Off Dumpsters – no more than $2M capacity provided

Intermodal Carriers (still assessing)

Brokerage Exposure

Commodities/Exposures Lancer is not looking to write at this time:

  • Lancer’s in-house claims department.

Submission Requirements:

  • Primary carrier’s application & Acord forms
  • Drivers list including: date of birth and date of hire.
  • If the insured has driver hiring guidelines, please provide details.
  • New ventures may be considered if they have prior experience.
  • Please provide up to five years of loss runs (when available) valued within 180 days.
  • Underlying liability price for the Auto, General & Employer’s liability (if excess coverage is requested on the GL & EL).

Binding Requirements:

  • Signed, dated and complete Acord applications (or equivalent)
  • Supplemental applications (as requested)
  • Underlying policy(s) or binder(s)
  • Documentation of Driver Review
  • Signed UM/UIM rejection form
  • Signed Terrorism form

Carrier Info:

  • StarStone Specialty Insurance Company (A- XI, Non-admitted)
  • Commission: 10.0%