How To Find Quality Drivers In A Challenging Market

How To Find Quality Drivers In A Challenging Market

The drivers you employ represent your company and keep your clients safe, so hiring competent and qualified people is essential. But finding good drivers has proven to be an uphill task; we’ve compiled a list of tips and ways to make the process smoother. Your company can only be as good as the drivers you hire. The current hiring landscape is highly competitive, so here’s how you can beat your competitors and find the best employees.

Set Clear Requirements

Stating the right qualifications and requirements for drivers clearly will set the work environment’s standard. The application process should include what kind of licenses and certifications the company requires and the list of procedures they would need to follow. Safety is always a top priority, and the hiring practices should reflect that. Thorough background checks and driving history should be the first step in creating a valuable team.

Share Your Company Values

Today, people on the job market want to know what kind of company they’ll be working for, what the company values are, their work culture, and how they treat employees. Salary is definitely a factor in hiring, but if they are mistreated or unhappy at their job, a nice paycheck won’t keep them. Let applicants know how you value each employee and what you do to respect work/life balance. 

Open Communication

Creating an open line of communication with managers and employees will help foster a positive work environment. Asking the employees what they would like to change or want to see can make them feel respected. There’s always room for improvement, and managers and higher-ups aren’t the only ones with good ideas. A driver might have a suggestion on how to handle a specific procedure more efficiently or how to make a particular practice safer. Encouraging open communication can create excellent strategy improvements. You can offer quarterly meetings or surveys asking for employee satisfaction or suggestions. 

Premium Pay, Perks, & Benefits

To find reliable and quality employees, offering excellent pay should be a given. In addition to their salary, a comprehensive benefits package should be included: health and life insurance, retirement plans, raises, etc. Quality pay will attract quality employees. Offering perks can help too. Rewarding attendance records, following safety procedures, or health challenges will engage the employees and boost satisfaction. Drivers have a difficult job and should be rewarded for their hard work.

Create An Excellent Work Environment

Employees should always feel safe at their workplace, regardless of the industry. Implementing strict protocol and procedure practices will create a culture of safety. Each employee needs to be aware of every procedure and local laws (if applicable). Safety meetings should happen regularly. Offering educational programs could be beneficial too; maybe even outside your industry. Investing in your employees is a great way to achieve a healthy work environment.  

KF&B Has You Covered

With these tips, seeking quality drivers is a more straightforward process. Once you find the right person to join your team, use these tips to keep them. Don’t spend time searching for the perfect addition to your group only to lose them to poor work practices. With KF&B, we can help keep your employees safe and protected. Contact us today to learn how we can help your transportation business thrive.