Summer 2023 Driving Tips for Pedestrian Safety

As the summer approaches, drivers will have to be extra observant with more pedestrians walking and biking on or near the road. Experienced drivers know to expect an influx of pedestrians but newer drivers within the transportation industry may need some coaching. Professional drivers require heightened vigilance and awareness.

Pedestrian safety is paramount for professional passenger transportation drivers. It not only prioritizes the public on the road but also the passengers being driven inside the vehicle. Drivers have a responsibility to drive safely, especially with more pedestrians on the road.

What Drivers Need to Know:

Watch Your Speed

Speeding is a dangerous decision that can result in property damage, bodily injury, or death. Drivers should also adjust their speed to the conditions around them. For example, if you are near a busy intersection where concertgoers are exiting the event venue, it’s best to slow down. You may consider going slower than the posted speed limit. Or, if it is raining you may also want to slow down to ensure your vehicle doesn’t hydroplane.

Stay Alert and Ready

As a passenger transportation driver you are responsible for your life, the lives of those in your vehicle, and the lives of those around you. Driving without distractions is a big help to making sure you can focus on the task at hand. It also helps you with reacting to incidents on the roadway. As a defensive driver, you must stay alert. This could mean avoiding debris on the road, safely navigating around an animal that has entered the roadway, or avoiding a crash by another driver.

Utilize Your Turn Signals

Turn signals are a big help in letting other drivers know what you plan to do next. When you don’t use turn signals, you can unintentionally increase the chances of an incident occurring on the road. It’s best to signal a turn or lane change sooner than later. Give other drivers a moment to adjust their speeds or their movement to facilitate your next move. Turn signals help to clear up any confusion and make sure that drivers are on the same page.

Caution at Night

It will be more difficult to notice pedestrians at nighttime, making it even more important to be vigilant at night. During the summer, you can expect more pedestrians to be out taking a stroll. Professional drivers should ensure their headlights are properly working.

Helping To Ensure Safety

Another important aspect of preparing for the summer is making sure you have the best insurance policies for your fleet of passenger vehicles. KF&B Insurance can assist you with selecting the right policies. We have a team of passenger transportation experts that can guide you in the right direction. Our insurance solutions benefit charter buses, sightseeing buses, tour buses, shuttle buses, luxury sedans, limousines, town cars, and more.

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