Summer Safety Tips For Your Fleet

The summertime typically offers favorable driving conditions with longer daylight hours, better visibility and non-icy roads. However, it may come as a surprise that summer can present dangerous risks for passenger transportation drivers. Roads are busier than usual during the summer months and the intense sun can even pose a threat to drivers. 

With the right education and preparation, commercial drivers can keep working safely and effectively all summer long. In this blog, we will provide summer driving safety tips to help deal with potential hazards and keep your fleet safe. 

4 Summer Safety Tips To Consider

Stay Fresh & Hydrated

Staying hydrated on the road is a very important factor for drivers. This is especially important during the summer with temperatures pushing 100°F or more. Just because you spend most of your time in air conditioning does not mean the heat isn’t taking a toll on you. Ensure that your truck, bus, shuttle, or cab is supplied with plenty of water to avoid dehydration and low energy. 

Naturally caffeinated drinks such as coffee are good ways to stay alert and energized, but be cautious of how much caffeine you consume as large quantities can have adverse effects. No matter what your beverage of choice is, staying hydrated with water is essential for long trips. 

Check The Weather Ahead Of Time

It’s obvious that drivers may prefer the summer over the winter, however we must re-emphasize that keeping your guard up during the summer is also crucial. Summer is known for pop-up thunderstorms that appear without warning and can leave unprepared drivers at risk. Be prepared for any conditions by consistently monitoring the weather leading up to your drive. Here are some helpful tips for driving in thunderstorms:

  • Focus on the road with zero distractions
  • Be patient and avoid sudden, drastic movements
  • Drive below the speed limit
  • Ensure lights are on as needed or required
  • Safely pull off the road if needed

It’s a good idea to tune into local weather stations or set weather alerts on your phone from a reliable source. Knowing what conditions you may face and how to deal with them ahead of time is a strong safety measure that all passenger transportation companies should implement.

Be Patient With Crowded Roads

Because of holidays and vacations, roads tend to be busier and more congested in the summertime. When drivers find themselves on a crowded road, they should implement some of the same safe driving techniques as they would on a rainy day. Keeping distance between you and the vehicles in front and behind will allow plenty of time to react in the case of an emergency. Understanding how to deal with congested roads is especially important for truck drivers, so it’s recommended to discuss this with your team before they hit the road. 

Protect Yourself With The Right Apparel

The summer sun brings intense sunlight and extreme temperatures. An essential item many drivers forget about are sunglasses. When on the road for hours, your eyes absorb a lot of light from the sun, causing you to squint which exhausts your eyes. Sunglasses will help reduce the amount of light your eyes take in, helping them stay relaxed and sharp.

It’s also important to dress practical and appropriate for the job. In addition to professional attire, drivers need clothing that is clean and comfortable. For example, a short sleeve shirt with jeans or a pair of cargo pants can be a good fit. Also, even from the safety of your cab, your face and arms will be absorbing strong UV rays from the sun. Therefore, it’s essential to wear sunscreen to protect your skin while operating a vehicle for a long period of time. 

No Matter The Conditions, KF&B Is Here For You

Even with hours and hours of educating your drivers on how to prevent hazards and protect your equipment, accidents are bound to occur. When accidents happen, you need an experienced insurance partner who specializes in commercial transportation. At KF&B Insurance, we are experts in transportation and we’re here for you no matter what your public auto needs may be. For more information on our services and coverages, please contact us today.